There are so many probiotics brands on the shelves these days, it makes your head (and gut) spin. With all the talk of live cultures and microflora, surely any formula would do the trick?
Well, women’s bodies are built different. 
Women have periods, give birth, breastfeed, and do much more that sets them apart. So, they need a probiotic that supports their unique health needs.
Our goal was to increase consideration of the trusted Culturelle® Probiotics in a sea of homogenous brands by reframing probiotics beyond just digestive support.
Amidst all the confusing messaging out there, it can be hard to find the right information on how to actually care for your health. Millennial women want to know more; and we want them to know “there’s more to your core.”
That’s where Culturelle® Women’s Healthy Balance comes in. A probiotic that supports a woman’s whole core—that’s digestive, immune, AND vaginal health.
:15 TV Spot
:10 Social Cuts
CW: Hunter Allgor
AD: Carlie Buske
ACD: Deanna Brigandi
CD: Kimberly Howard-Thomassen
Creative Strategy, Conceptualization, Copywriting, Production

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