Children’s medicine is a cornered category. There are only a handful of major players with high brand recognition. However, these big names are pumped full of artificial, inactive ingredients and common allergens. 
What the f—?
Our goal was to increase interest in a little-known clean medicine brand by driving differentiation from the big guys. We wanted to amplify Genexa’s key message: we actually give an F about what goes into your kid’s medicine.
:30 TV Spot
Banner Creative
Following our campaign launch, we measured:
250% increase in category share
74% recall of Genexa following a single viewing of our video ad
Genexa became the #1 selling kid’s pain and fever medicine on Amazon.​​​​​​​
Traffic to Genexa’s website doubled during our campaign.
YouTube engagement was 8% above benchmark.
92% of viewers of Genexa’s digital ad indicated exposure to the ad made them feel much/somewhat more interested in purchasing the brand.
Consumers viewed Genexa as Revolutionary, Forward-thinking, Natural, Different, Clean, Innovative, and Rebellious. (Two-thirds indicated the ad makes them interested in purchasing the product.)
CW: Hunter Allgor
AD: Carlie Buske
ACD: Deanna Brigandi
CD: Kimberly Howard-Thomassen
Creative Strategy, Conceptualization, Copywriting

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